viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

Wallon Guard. 1811 Spanish Royal Guard Barrosa cadiz 15mm Lasalle

Dear friends and followers,

Now here Wallon Guard. 1811 Royal Guard in  Barrosa. 15mm. Lasalle

The Walloon Guards Corps was originally recruited in the Netherlands, mainly in Catholic Wallonia.
The Walloon Guard was an elite corps of infantry in the Army of the King, whose creation dates back to the time when the Netherlands were part of the Habsburg monarchy. Men were recruited from more seasoned and greater stature for use in special risk missions as lead an assault or cover a retreat. Also performing safety tasks. They have also been called "guards" different armed forces, responsible for internal security and border defense, as happened with the Old Guard
of Castile. (wikipedia)

In the War of Independence or Peninsular War  1808-1812 were distinguished for their courage in the many battles that took part

More documentation later, you soon friends

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  1. Nice looking figures, love the bases too!

  2. Nice painting job... Do you will play Barrosa-Chiclana?

  3. thanks Phil gracias paulalba ;) . Rafa si, quiero realizar unas escaramuzas previas y luego toda la batalla de Chiclana pero se que me quedan muchas fuerzas, o tal vez juntemos jugadores y pintores para esta representacion. mientras tanto pintamos un saludo amigo.

    Napoleonic have a project for represent de Barrosa-Chiclana battle 1811. Cadiz

  4. Another lovely unit. I like them in the late uniform too.

  5. very thanks Paul ! Napo-Spain returns !

    Your actual 15mm prussians are wonderfull ! I've shared on facebook, thanks!