viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

Wallon Guard. 1811 Spanish Royal Guard Barrosa cadiz 15mm Lasalle

Dear friends and followers,

Now here Wallon Guard. 1811 Royal Guard in  Barrosa. 15mm. Lasalle

The Walloon Guards Corps was originally recruited in the Netherlands, mainly in Catholic Wallonia.
The Walloon Guard was an elite corps of infantry in the Army of the King, whose creation dates back to the time when the Netherlands were part of the Habsburg monarchy. Men were recruited from more seasoned and greater stature for use in special risk missions as lead an assault or cover a retreat. Also performing safety tasks. They have also been called "guards" different armed forces, responsible for internal security and border defense, as happened with the Old Guard
of Castile. (wikipedia)

In the War of Independence or Peninsular War  1808-1812 were distinguished for their courage in the many battles that took part

More documentation later, you soon friends

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sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

52nd Oxfordshire Regiment of Foot(Light) . Busacco 15mm . Campaign games miniatures. Lasalle and CGM bassed.

Good friends,
I really wanted to take this regiment: it took a long time and I have to say it is expensive for the amount of detail with British uniforms.
This regiment fought in several battles of the Peninsular War, I have chosen a next stage for the battle of Busacco Portugal., then tell you more things..

Buenas amigos y amigas,

Tenia muchas ganas de sacar este regimiento : he tardado mucho tiempo y tengo que decir que es costoso por la cantidad de detalles que tienen los uniformes ingleses.
 Este regimiento lucho en varias batallas de la guerra peninsular, he elegido un proximo escenario para la batalla de busacco Portugal .

lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

First Battalion Reyna Regiment.(1/2) 1810 15mm. Napoleon at War based.

First Battalion Reyna Regiment.(1/2) 1810. Warmodelling -15mm - Barrosa - Napoleon at War based.

 Dear friends

I return with to the Reyna Regiment  because I was not happy with the previous pictures and wanted to put a great sky Guadalupe Dominguez artist while working on exciting future regiments war of independence in Spain.

a hug

Saludos a todo el mundo

 Vuelvo con el  regimento de la Reyna  porque no estaba muy contento con las anteriores fotos y queria poner un estupendo cielo de la artista Guadalupe Dominguez, mientras que trabajo en futuros y emocionantes regimientos de la guerra de la independencia en España

 un abrazo.

 Quiero agradecer a mi hermana Rut su valiosa ayuda con los rotulos y a los cielos de la artista Guadalupe Dominguez

  I want to thank my sister Rut valuable help with the signs of the heavens and the artist Guadalupe Dominguez.